Blockchain Developer (Tezos)

Chennai, India

Club Lead

Leading the Tezos club in SRM IST. Mainly developing smart contracts in SmartPy and build infrastructure around the blockchain based product.

Blockchain Developer

Chennai, India


Learning about blockchain based products mainly developed around ethereum smart contracts. Identifying problems that can we easily solved using blockchain and using my teach stack to solving it.

Web Developer

Bangalore, India

Consultancy Project

Building frontend for two AI based projects using Angular. These projects are namely Video Annotation and Defect Detection. These projects are in association with SRM IST.

Frontend Web Developer

Delhi, India

Internship at Legex

Working on projects -1)Document Automation System - Used to automate legal documents.2) Online Dispute Resolution System - Platform for online arbitration. My responsibility is to design the frontend of the product using HTML, CSS, React and Antd (React design library)



Frontend Developer Intern

Working on NFT's and other applications based on Tezos.